Alan Turing vs. the Sharknado

This weekend I watched both “The Imitation Game” (nominated for 8 Oscars) and “Sharknado 2″(nominated for 0 Oscars).

I will now write an comparison essay on these two films:

“Alan Turing overcame many obstacles to solve the Enigma code and therefore contributed to ending WW2.  In Sharknado 2, Finn’s wife overcame her struggle of losing her hand to a shark that bit it off in an airplane by attaching a circle-saw to her arm and saving her husband’s life by killing a giant shark on top of a skyscraper, thus leading to ……..  Wow. I can’t even remember how that ended even though I watched it 4 days ago.  Um…. they saved New York from the Sharknado like Turing saved Allied forces in WW2.”

(Stay tuned next weekend after I watch “The Theory of Everything” and “Big Ass Spider.”)