Busy as a bee

I might have mentioned before that I have 2 kids.  They are now going to different schools in different parts of town so we are learning how to adjust schedules.  In Sweden, the kids don’t have the same classes every day or even the same starting or ending times.  My husband thinks we Americans are weird for having the same classes and times each day.  On some days, my oldest kid gets out at 4 p.m..  On some days he gets out at noon.  Combine this with trying to do some work (I translate documents from home) and my brain is completely fried.  The after-school activities start later in the month.  Somehow I managed to eat 2 crackers with peanut butter yesterday.  So I guess I’m finding a few minutes to myself after all! 


3 Replies to “Busy as a bee”

  1. Kevin

    Last summer, I forgot to feed my daughter (age 10) lunch twice. This year, she got her own food if I forgot to feed her. Sounds like you are doing OK if you got two crackers!

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