Cowboy church

Upon returning from Texas each year, we are full of stories that no one in Sweden believes.  This is one of them:

A couple of years ago, we were driving down the road in East Texas when we saw a sign for “Cowboy Church.”

YES, we thought.  WE MUST GO.

So we headed out there one Sunday morning to check it out.  The service was held inside a giant barn with horse stalls on the side. Everyone sat in folding chairs.  The pulpit had a cow skull and the baptismal font was a horse trough.

It happened to be around Thanksgiving, so when the “preacher” asked everyone what they were thankful for, we sat through over an hour of everyone standing up in the crowd saying, “I’m so thankful for Cowboy church.”  Seriously, about 30 different people stood up talking about how they found their way to Cowboy Church and it changed their outlook on life.  I never heard any preaching except for how great Cowboy Church was.  It was definitely an experience.  I’d say the main draw for us (besides the entertainment) was that you could eat donuts and drink coffee all during the “service.”

My next goal is to find one of those snake handling churches.  I wonder if they have donuts.

Including pictures I snuck of Cowboy Church.  And if you don’t believe me, here’s their website:  (Wow, looks like they’ve moved to a saloon now!  We may have to check it out again for a new report.)

IMG_0246_2 IMG_0247_2 IMG_0251_2

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