Farting neighbors

We receive a magazine each month from the organization we rent our apartment from. People can send in problems they are having and experts give advice. Usually it’s about laundry rooms, whether something can be replaced, etc. But I especially liked the letter (and the illustration!) of this person’s problem. I will roughly translate:

Neighbor’s farts disturb my time on the balcony

I love to sit on my balcony and drink coffee, read, eat and tan. The balcony is large as has sun from morning to the evening. This was great until 6 months ago when new neighbors moved in above me. The man in the family is completely ill-behaved and demonstrates this through burping loudly, it sounds as if he is going to puke, and he also farts very loudly. He talks on his phone in a loud voice and screams at his wife. He does all of this with no shame. It’s worst on the weekends after he has a few beers.
Who can I talk to about this? It’s very awkward to ask a neighbor to stop farting and burping loudly……


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