If you buy this, you’re no friend of mine

Some American products are unavailable or hard to find in Sweden.  It’s getting better, but we’re still missing alot or if you can find things, they are extremely expensive.  I was browsing around a little specialty store in Stockholm when I found this.  Downy fabric softener.  The price tag is 239 kr.  Allow me to convert that to American dollars for you – $37.24.  Yes, you heard me right.  Plus, it’s only enough for 40 loads.   $37.24 for a bottle of fabric softener that costs just under $4 at Wal-mart.

If I meet anyone in Sweden who buys this nonsense at $37 a bottle, they are officially off my socializing list.


3 Replies to “If you buy this, you’re no friend of mine”

  1. chrisblainecomedy

    So what you’re saying is, if I planned it carefully, I could make about the same for fabric softener there, as some folks make for weed here? Hmmm.. “No officer, I’m not smuggling downy, I am just very ocd”. I could probably fit 20 or 30 bottles per bag. 3 bags. 2, 250… Not bad. Counting flight and hotel, that could be about $900 profit. . .

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