It’s semla day!

Today is Fat Tuesday. In Sweden, this is known as the day when we EAT ALL THE SEMLA!

What is a semla?

It’s pastry awesomeness. That’s all you need to know.

I actually have to get to a bakery early today to make sure I get enough for our family. Last year I went at 4pm and there was a line a block down the street for the bakery I like to buy mine from. In fact, this bakery made headlines this year because they are selling a special gold semla “covered in edible gold” for 995 SEK (around $120), though we will stick to the regular semlor which costs around 40 SEK (just under $5).

To understand how awesome a semla is, you just need to know that King Adolf Fredrik of Sweden died from eating too many in 1771, and most of us think that must be a great way to go!

I leave you with semla photos. I will be in a semla coma this evening.

2 Replies to “It’s semla day!”

  1. yractual

    Semlor are addictive, should have a health warning and probably have. Miss these each year, no chance of one here in France, I fear. Most I managed was two in one day when living in Vastenorrland!

    • hjonasson

      Occasionally I get full after just one. Well, you may have warmer weather and more sun than us in France. But even though Sweden is dark, cold and depressing in February – at least we have semlor! 🙂

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