It’s vacation, so it’s ok

We have an electric scale at home that’s hooked up to the computer.  We’ve had this scale for 3 years.  It’s nice because it charts your weight fluctuations so you can see how things are going.

My husband was looking through the last 3 years on his chart the other day and noticed that for several weeks every summer, his weight increased by 10 pounds, only to go back down to normal a month after.  This is what we like to call “the yearly trip to Texas.”

It’s a double problem of having such good tasting, CHEAP food and being on vacation.  When you’re on vacation, you tell yourself it’s ok to eat everything.  This works great for your 3 to 7 day vacations.  It’s a bit harsher on your body for the month long ones, though.

The first week we arrive, we are shocked by the large amounts of food.  We can’t finish anything at restaurants and discuss our strategy of sharing an order so that we don’t waste money or food.

After a week when our stomachs adjust, we’re ordering appetizers and desserts to go along with our separate main courses.  Honestly, could you resist Tex-Mex food, snow-cones, BBQ, funnel cakes, etc., if you never got it the rest of the year?  Don’t judge me.