November 11, 2013

Kids activities getting way too expensive

Our son is in a choir.  Today we got a letter regarding the choir outfits the children must wear while performing.  It says that they must wear black slacks (not jeans) and black dress shoes (not gym shoes).  Then it goes on to say that if you happen to be in London, there are some good deals at Marks & Spencer on these items.

I’m beginning to think the other kids in this choir may have a bit more money than us.

“Oh honey, Johnny needs new slacks.  I’m going to run to London this weekend for some shopping.”

Can you tell that clothes are way too expensive in Stockholm?



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1 Response

  1. svensays says:

    Disagree. I think you can go to Dressmann for the slacks. For shoes, maybe Skopunkten. I do not know how old your son is.