Minister of Telephones was a new position

I rarely check my junk mail, but last week I was missing a mail and decided to look through it.  I really should check it more often.  I had a mail from “Minster of Telephones was a new position.”

Now personally, I think Minister of Telephones is impressive enough.  He really shouldn’t include an entire sentence in his name, but whatever.  I was intrigued.

Here is what the message said:

He also wants HIS medium straight.
Oji made his first attempt to gain publicity when he contested in the DBN Karaoke in 1994 and won.
A mineral which is poisonous to dragons.


This is way better than most of the email I usually get.  It’s fascinating.  WHO wants HIS medium straight?  Medium what?  Who is Oji and what song did he sing in the 1994 Karaoke contest? And I could really use that information about poisonous minerals for dragons. That can always come in handy.

I’m moving this guy onto my non-junk list.  He wins email of the month award.