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  • Sad choices in marketing

    I got this in my email from Classmates.com today.  I don’t think I’ve been on Classmates.com in almost 10 years. (Has anyone?) Anyway, I love how the subject line has […]

  • Important news from my email

    Pizza Seasoning time running out! This important message was in my inbox this morning.  I’m so glad they warned me.  It’s a good thing I have email so I can […]

  • Minister of Telephones was a new position

    I rarely check my junk mail, but last week I was missing a mail and decided to look through it.  I really should check it more often.  I had a […]

  • We just want our food

    Every foreigner I talk to in Sweden all say the same thing, “The thing I miss most is food.”  It never varies.  I’ve never heard anyone say they miss their […]