More about overseas flights

As an American/Swedish family, we make the big trip across the Atlantic once a year for vacation.  It’s almost that time again, so I thought I’d share my tips for overseas flying.

1. European airlines have free alcoholic drinks.

2. There is no way to make a 1 hour layover at Charles de Gaulle in Paris.  They only give you this as an option to sell more airport food when you get stranded.  Don’t do it!

3. Don’t bring beef jerkey to gnaw on for your flight.  You might get bumped to first class where you are too embarassed to eat it and then it’s all you think about while drinking your champange.  (Yes, this happened to me.  How did you guess?)

4. If you want to trade seats with someone, put your child in the seat next to them before you ask.  Most people will move immediately.

5. Quit trying to sleep.  You just can’t.   Stay up and enjoy your “free” movies.  If you doze for a few minutes – Bonus!

6. Save sick bags.  They come in handy later when you need to wrap a birthday present.