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  • Charter trips – Ja eller nej?

    This week on our summer podcast edition “Swedes Explain,” former guest, half Swede/half Brit Sandy, explains why Swedes love to go on charter trips, as well as her experience working […]

  • The little plane that could

    As I mentioned before, my husband and I took a 4-day long anniversary trip to Italy this past weekend. With only 4 days, we wanted every minute to count, which […]

  • Where’s MY emotional support peacock?

    Have you ever been around a peacock for a long amount of time? They have the most horrifying scream. There’s no way a peacock could make someone calm. Now, when […]

  • The only way I will fly Delta

    So Delta airlines had pizza delivered to waiting passengers on a plane during the recent delays caused by their computer system. My thoughts: Can we please just do this every […]

  • Isn’t this how everyone boards RyanAir?

    Apparently a RyanAir passenger was late for his flight and decided to run for his plane on the tarmac. CNN may be shocked, but to me, this is basically how […]

  • Flying with my new Polish friend

    My 9 hour flight to London next to a very drunk Polish guy.  Each hour, new words of wisdom: Hour 1: “I did not choose this seat.  I was pushed!  […]

  • More about overseas flights

    As an American/Swedish family, we make the big trip across the Atlantic once a year for vacation.  It’s almost that time again, so I thought I’d share my tips for […]