Neighborhood seance

Each day I walk through a trail near the woods to pick up my children from school.  And each day I pass a sign regarding saving the woodsy area that someone has STAPLED to a tree, which I always find funny.  But yesterday, as I passed this sign, I saw there was a new sign stapled beneath it.  The writing was a bit small to read from the sidewalk so I walked up closer to see what new environmental message or advertisement might be written there.

Turns out, the paper is all about a seance that someone in the neighborhood is going to hold and it’s asking if anyone would like to join.  I must say that I’ve seen plenty of fliers for apartment hunting, beds for sale or excersice classes around the neighborhood, but never one for a seance.  This neighborhood is getting much more interesting.  I wonder if they have snacks.


2 Replies to “Neighborhood seance”

  1. Kevin

    I never get anything remotely exciting like this in my neighborhood. I can’t wait to hear how things go! I do hope they have some great snacks for you!

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