Oh, it’s that time of year again…

…you guessed it – Winter Vomit Disease!  As usual, I still contend that I never heard of this horrible thing until I moved to Sweden.  You northerners have some messed-up sicknesses.  If you vomit in the south, it’s probably something to do with Taco Bell.

This Winter Vomit Disease is pretty harsh and highly contagious.  For some reason though, only our youngest caught it this weekend and the rest of us are still fine, though we are disinfecting and eating easy foods just to be on the safe side.

The worst part of this is that we were supposed to have 4 friends over this weekend so I bought meat for 8 people (we are also 4).  My husband, being Swedish, turned all the meat into meatballs for us to eat all week.  Yes, he really did.  What else would you expect?

Of course, the Texan here is smashing up some of those meatballs tonight, adding taco spice and stuffing it in a burrito.

Hopefully I will have more pleasant, non-meat, non-WVD stories for the rest of the week.