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  • #76 Short Sportlov Special

    A quick check-in over the Swedish spring break/sport break holiday. What to do with kids when everything is closed? Eat ice cream, of course.

  • Crowds of parents at theatre

    Trials of being a parent

    Being a parent is like fighting for a seat on a RyanAir flight. Everyone is out for themselves and the weak are trampled.

  • Good for kids!

    Google Maps has this thing where it lets you know if an attraction is “good for kids.” Not sure exactly how well this works, as I found this while looking […]

  • Nothing to see here

    Took the kids to a science experiment center last weekend. As we entered one of the live shows, the woman at the microphone said, “Welcome! Sorry about the accident at […]

  • Parent tip

    Next time your kids have a party, introduce the “phone bowl!” Works great for having guests actually interact with each other!

  • Terrible parent thoughts

    While looking through party snack themes, I stumbled upon a few sites with tips for throwing a Peppa Pig party. My kids are too old for Peppa Pig, but I […]

  • Frightening sick children

    My son was sick last week with a bad cough and fever. After giving him some cough medicine and tea, I told him to rest. I then put on some […]

  • #13 This Sidewalk IS Big Enough for the Both of Us

    Steve, from England, and host of the podcast “The Experience Designers”, tells us how it is to pick up and move a family with older children to a different country, […]

  • #6 Lucia Day has Major Health and Safety Issues

    Rachel, from the UK, discusses her hatred of saffron buns and Lucia, why you can’t name your kid Lucifer here, and lots of talk about stabbing!

  • New pet… this one breathes!

    We got a cat this week! The kids are overjoyed. They say it’s a lot more fun than their last pet, Rocky.

  • Thanks for the image, son.

    After eating a bit too much curry at lunch, my son had to spend a long time in the bathroom yesterday evening. When he finally came out, he said: “I […]

  • Geography

    We decided to book a trip for the winter. I asked the kids where they wanted to go. One of my suggestions was Barcelona and the other was Greece. One […]

  • It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

    I planned to bring both of my sons to the beach yesterday. I packed two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, because they’re cheap to make and I already had everything. […]

  • Happy Swedish mother’s day

    Today is Swedish mother’s day and I got one present from my youngest son a day early when I picked him up yesterday afternoon. Mamma, I got you a present. […]

  • We’ve got to grow it on her brow

    My son, who has his bedroom adjacent to the kitchen where the radio plays, stomped out of his room very confused this morning. “What kind of song is this? Why […]

  • Old tech, so complicated

    We had a bunch of 10 and 11-year olds over for a birthday party last weekend. My husband collects old game systems, so we hooked up the original NES (Nintendo […]

  • The modern family

    As I’m sitting here typing this in my nice comfy slippers from my iPad, my husband plays games on his RetroPie from the bed, my oldest son is using Skype […]

  • Children are our future

    My husband gave a presentation to a 4th grade class yesterday and asked the kids how they veiw the future and what new technologies they think we will have 50 […]

  • Google translate – hours of entertainment

    I looked up reviews on a children’s activity park in Italy, but everything was in Italian so I had to use Google Translate. I don’t know why this person only […]

  • Dress Code

    In my old hometown newspaper from Texas, there is an article this week about a sophomore student in high school asking the School Board to remove the ban on boys […]