Once again with the Public Service Announcements

(Disclaimer: I am not trying to make fun of the issues in the announcements – simply the poor quality of the announcements.)

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but what’s happening with these American Public Service Announcements on the radio?  We listen to Internet radio stations in the morning during breakfast, and they are full of these commercials.  Is the whole point to have bad voice-overs and cheesy material so we will remember what was said?  My 2 favorites at the moment:

1. “I remember the day my son slammed the door in my face and told me he hated me.”
Every time I hear this, I laugh after that line.  In fact, I’m not really sure what the announcement is for.  I assume the mom did something awful.  She probably threw out all his comic books or put Little Mermaid sheets on his bed.  Every time I hear this annoying woman talk, I also want to slam a door in her face and tell her I hate her.

2. “Smile for the picture! C’mon son, smile for the camera! He’s not smiling. Maybe he’s not happy. Maybe he’s hungry. Maybe he’s sad. Maybe he’s tired. Maybe he just doesn’t feel like smiling. Honey… Maybe he has autism!”
Well, I didn’t see that one coming.  Who wrote this nonsense? You know, it’s most likely your baby is sick of this awful dialogue.  Can we roll it back a bit? How about he doesn’t know what the hell a camera is and he doesn’t speak English because he’s a baby!?