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  • Christmas in Sweden – Advent Calendar

    Every family has at least one Advent Calendar, usually with bits of chocolate on the inside. There is also a tv calendar and a radio calendar. The Christmas Calendar (Julkalendern), […]

  • Chicago Cubes

    While we were in Italy, we heard the news about the Chicago Cubs World Series win on the radio. Of course, it took us a while to figure it out […]

  • The best ads are on AM Radio

    When’s the last time you listened to AM Radio in East Texas?  … Well that’s too long! Commercials on AM Radio are the funniest thing out there. In addition to […]

  • Long live creepy radio!

    When I lived in Houston, I enjoyed listening to the college radio station.  You never knew what they would be playing.  It could be anything from Robert Johnson to the […]

  • America is losing millions!

    This is what I’ve been hearing from my 6 year old son for the past two mornings.  He gets a very concerned face and then tells us, “America is losing […]

  • Once again with the Public Service Announcements

    (Disclaimer: I am not trying to make fun of the issues in the announcements – simply the poor quality of the announcements.) I know I’ve mentioned this before, but what’s […]