Pet Rock – The Next Generation

I told the kids I had a Pet Rock when I was their age. They thought I made it up.

Then I showed them the exact one I had, on the internet (pictured here), and they laughed so hard they actually fell on the ground.

They have now collected 2 big rocks with the plan of painting eyes for them. Now I hear them discussing their rock plans in the bedroom. “Mine is lava, so it will be a fire type!”

“Sulphur floats! It’s a water type!”

And now they’ve just come out to tell me they’ve invented Rock√©mon and they’re going to start battling rocks.

It’s cheaper than a Playstation, I guess.




3 Replies to “Pet Rock – The Next Generation”

  1. allthoughtswork

    Every video game owner already has a creature living at home that just sits there for hours and hours on end without moving, speaking, or providing anything useful to civilization. Who needs rocks?

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