Playground politics

I’ve been reading a book recently on World War 2 and was trying to mention a few things to my 10-year old son yesterday, which simply lead to a re-hash of the big WORLD WAR 3 from last year between the 3rd graders and the daycare kids at his school.  It was totally off the point I was trying to make, but I must say, playground politics are fascinating. I may sell the movie rights.  Here’s the story:

“We didn’t want to start a war, but the daycare kids said they they could run faster than us. We told them to prove it, they said they didn’t have to, so we started a war.  It lasted about 4 weeks.  We didn’t do anything but pretend to run at them and they would run away.  It was always in groups on both sides so we didn’t pick on anybody. After a while, they asked for a truce, but still refused to admit that we were faster at running than them, so the war raged on!  Later on, we just all got bored with it, so I guess that was the end.”

(Isn’t that how all wars should end? “We just got bored with it.”)