Second class riff-raff

I went to Malmö, in southern Sweden, by train last weekend. My husband had a work trip, so I decided to tag along. However, his work paid for a first class train ticket and I bought a second-class train ticket. I’m just looking out the window anyway, so why spend extra money?

It turns out that there was a problem with the train that showed up, so my train car was a first-class car instead of second, so it turns out I got to ride in a first class car anyway. The only difference was that there was more room and you could get free oranges. Again, not really worth an extra 500 SEK in my opinion. In the “real” first class, my husband also got breakfast included, but it was about the same as you would get on an airplane – yogurt and weird bread.

I took a few photos out the window on my way. We finally had snow after not having any for the past few months, so the scenery was nice.

A friend asked me if there were any more differences between my second class car and the first class. I told her the first class car got to look at tropical beaches through their windows.

Swedish landscape through train windowSwedish landscape through train window

6 Replies to “Second class riff-raff”

    • hjonasson

      Yeah, it’s a pretty cool bridge! I’ve gone over on train before. I didn’t cross this time because Malmö is much cheaper than Copenhagen 🙂

      • Andy

        Yeah there is that to consider. A coffee in Copenhagen, a small one, mind, then back to Malmo for a three course meal! Or McDonald’s.

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