April 13, 2020

Something new to read?

Quarantined? In prison? Bored with your collection of “The History of Mud in the 18th Century?”

Order the 2nd edition of the book “Life in the Land of the Ice and Snow: Essays, Observations and Lies”!

A re-edit of the first edition with a new foreword & 2 added essays. Available on Amazon in every country!

A quick link to the U.S. Amazon link:

Amazon U.S. – https://tinyurl.com/tb5rkhh

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4 Responses

  1. I actually haven’t finished “The History of Mud in the 17th Century” yet, so that series has

  2. Why does it post before I want it to? That series has me hooked for the foreseeable future, but thanks for the suggestion.