Speed of lightning, roar of thunder…

If I were to start a music blog, I think my first post would be about the theme song to Underdog (popular cartoon from 1964-73).  I recently came across the song in an old t.v. theme song collection and it really stands out.   This was back when people actually put some thought into theme songs instead of just using two rhyming words shouted repeatedly at small, dumb children, as seems to be the practice today.

If you have Spotify, you should really check this song out.   Otherwise, you can hear it here –  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcjOi_3H7gw

I keep trying to encourage my friends in bands to cover this song.  It’s just brilliance.   Even the Wu-Tang clan sampled this song.   It seems I’m not the only one who recognized the genius of it.   Yes, me and the Wu-Tang clan….  we see the light.