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  • Nature sounds

    I make playlists of nature sounds to listen to while I work. I was a little surprised to see some tracks listed as explicit. I had no idea those birds […]

  • Inappropriate Nature

    Sometimes at work, I like to listen to nature sounds. I made a few lists before with rain sounds, ocean sounds, forest sounds, and more. There is no music with […]

  • Spotify War

    My husband tried to mess up my Spotify recommendations today by playing numerous songs from the band Europe (“The Final Countdown”). This means war. I hope the husband enjoys “Wham […]

  • The Booty Bus

    Once again, I have Spotify recommendations.  I thought this was an interesting paring of tastes.  Thanks Spotify!

  • Spotify Recommendations cont. (last one, I promise)

    NO I DIDN’T!  It’s those meddling kids! Honestly, this wouldn’t be such a bother, but I’ve been getting comments from friends on their Spotify that say, “Heather’s been listening to […]

  • Spotify recommendations

    I blame my kids for this nonsense.  I’m going to have to get them their own account.  This is getting way too embarassing:

  • Speed of lightning, roar of thunder…

    If I were to start a music blog, I think my first post would be about the theme song to Underdog (popular cartoon from 1964-73).  I recently came across the […]