St. Nicholas celebration

While in Slovenia, we will be going to a parade for the feast of St. Nicholas, which is practiced in several European countries (not Sweden).  I’ve been excited about seeing the St. Nicholas parade because I think it will be so fun to celebrate a holiday we have never seen before.  I tried to explain this to my older child a few weeks ago.  “So there’s St. Nicholas, who is NOT Santa Claus, but he’s like a bishop…. and then there’s these angels, but there’s also devils to punish the bad kids…..”

My son:  “I don’t understand.  Christmas?  Devils?  Are they going to hurt the kids?”

Me:  “Well, it’s just a parade.”

My son: “Is it like a Halloween?”

Me: “No, it’s a Christmas thing, but in the old days…”

My son: “I don’t know if I want to go if there are devils.”

Me:  “Forget everything I said.  We’re going to a parade where they throw out candy.”

My son:  “Yeaaaaaa!!!!”

Different culture simplified.  The world is allright as long as there is candy.


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