Starbucks in Sweden

A few weeks back, our family took a trip to Gothenburg, which is a town in southern Sweden.  Besides the airport in Stockholm (behind security), Gothenburg has the only Starbucks in Sweden as far as I know.  Why is this?  The rest of Europe has Starbucks.  Even Istanbul has Starbucks!  Get with the program, Sweden!

I visited the Swedish Starbucks during my trip.  I waited 5 minutes for my turn while the girl at the counter had to ask the man in front of me 10 times for his name.  She simply could not understand what he was saying or how to spell it.  As far as I’m concerned – who cares if Starbucks doesn’t write my name correctly in marker on a cup I’m going to throw away when it’s empty?

When she got to me and asked my name, I said, “Heather.”

“Henny?” she replied.

“Yes.  That’s right.”

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  1. illoluv

    Ha! Whenever I’m in Starbucks in the US I always mean to give a fun, fake name but I always forget to. Especially if I’m there with someone else. We could really get creative. 😉 also, there in. Starbucks in Malmö. Stockholm is supposed to be getting one in 2013, I’ve heard. And it bugs me to no end when people say the Arlanda one is in Stockholm!

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