Summer Camp

In Sweden, most kids through Grade 3 have the opportunity for a free-time club through the schools during the summer.  After Grade 3, you’re on your own once school is out.

We have a son who just completed Grade 4, thus he has nothing to do now that school is out. I noticed plenty of ads for day camp week-long activities such as soccer camp, art camp, dance camp, etc. However, the price tag is about $200 for a week! So I didn’t sign him up for anything, thinking that the other parents and I could take turns having kids over while adjusting our work schedules.

Turns out, I was the ONLY parent with this idea. Every one of our son’s friends is at some sort of camp all week, which leaves him stuck for a few hours of work with me each day (though luckily I have a job where I can keep short hours when I need to).

Not wanting to leave our son out of “camp” type activities, I’ve made my own camp this week.  It’s called “Camp Price is Right.” Each morning, we sit down to an episode of The Price is Right (a popular U.S. game show where contestants try to guess the price of items through many different small games). We yell out our guesses at the screen “A stereo system? $750!” and quivering with anticipation when the contestants have a chance to spin the big money wheel without going over a dollar.

I’m considering opening this camp up to others.  Here’s why you should join:

1. We learn math. (He spun .55, how much more does he need to make a dollar? C’MON .45!  45!  AHHH!!!)

2. We learn probability. (That last lady got a new car. There’s no way this guy is getting a car. I bet it’s a grill set.)

3. We learn geography. (A trip to Los Angeles? That lady lives in Santa Barbara.  BORING!)

So come on down! You can be our next guest on The Price is Right Day Camp!  The cost is a set of home-made cookies or brownies. Certain flavors of ice cream may be accepted.