Swedish driver’s license

So after 3 attempts at the theory test and 4 attempts at the driving test, I finally got my Swedish driver’s license!  My idea is that they took a look at my bank account and decided I couldn’t afford to fail anymore, so it was finally time to give in and pass me.  To sum up my driving woes in a quick way, I’ll go through the 4 driving tests:

1. Failed for touching a curb that was completely covered in snow and the same height as the street.  It was also the first time in my life to drive in snow.  Not the best conditions for a driving exam.

2. Woman claimed I didn’t stop at the sign.  I stopped at the sign. 

3. Failed because of driving strange futuristic car.  When I complained, I was accused of being a rich American who only drives Mercedes and BMW’s.  I later had to complain to my chauffeur about this over our dinner of caviar and champagne.

4. Chewed gum and sang “Girl from Ipanema” in my head.  Passed.