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image shows car on Swedish icy driving course

#88 Take a Chance

Life in the Land of the Ice and Snow
Life in the Land of the Ice and Snow
#88 Take a Chance

We speak to Ana from Mexico City, but this isn’t her first time living abroad. We also talk about learning Swedish through subway announcements & fun times on the icy driving course.

image shows cars completely covered in snow

Environmentally concious?

People think Swedes walk a lot and use subways to be nice to the environment, but I think we know the real reason.

Swedish driver’s license

So after 3 attempts at the theory test and 4 attempts at the driving test, I finally got my Swedish...

Slippery course

Today I will be spending 4 hours at a slippery course.  What is a slippery course, you say? It’s a...