Swedish Swim Halls

It’s often very cold here in Stockholm ( a surprise, I know!), so the town is full of indoor swim halls for people who would like to swim year round.

I used to be one of these people until I encountered the Shower Room Mafia.

The Shower Room Mafia exists at every swim hall in Stockholm.  Large, naked old women (over 70) stand in the shower area staring at everyone and ready to yell if they don’t think you are showering properly.  I’m not kidding.  If you don’t completely strip down BEFORE your swim and scrub off with soap on every piece of your body, they start shouting at you.  My thoughts:

1. I have no idea how everyone else showers because I’m not STARING at them!

2. I feel a full body rinse is enough.  The chlorine is there to get what I missed.

Also, these women never move.  I can go into the swim hall and stay for an hour and when I come back they will still be standing naked, chatting in the shower.  You know, they do make cafés where normal people go to chat with their friends.  Plus it’s cheaper to buy a cup of coffee than to pay the money to enter a swim hall.  Of course, then they don’t get to scream at naked women and show off parts of their bodies no one wants to see, but they really should try the café option.  It’s probably better for their blood pressure.

My husband tells me it’s the same on the men’s side.  I hope this isn’t where my life is headed in 40 years.  I need to develop better hobbies.

Visitor locker room shower