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  • #76 Short Sportlov Special

    A quick check-in over the Swedish spring break/sport break holiday. What to do with kids when everything is closed? Eat ice cream, of course.

  • #68 Ingen reklam, tack

    Today we talk about postal delays, movie theaters re-opening and aqueducts. We also shine a spotlight on HÃ¥verud.

  • Crowds of parents at theatre

    Trials of being a parent

    Being a parent is like fighting for a seat on a RyanAir flight. Everyone is out for themselves and the weak are trampled.

  • Good for kids!

    Google Maps has this thing where it lets you know if an attraction is “good for kids.” Not sure exactly how well this works, as I found this while looking […]

  • Parents! Want to be frustrated and exhaust yourself?

    I was looking over a guide of things to do in a local neighborhood when I came across this article about ice skating. The article is very positive and lists […]