Trials of being a parent

As I’ve said before, being a parent is often like fighting for a seat on a RyanAir flight. Everyone is out for themselves and the weak are trampled.

For example, at school concerts parents arrive an hour early to the venue to dump their coats over an entire row, claiming seats for what must be an insanely extended family. Are there really that many people who want to see children stare at the floor while an overenthusiastic music teacher tries everything in her power to keep them engaged?

I am currently waiting in a queue online to sign my kid up for piano. For one day in August, at 8am, the Stockholm Culture Schools open a window for parents to sign their children up for a spot in one of their classes. These classes are usually after-school activities like sports, drama, art and music. Sure, there are other places you can find these after-school activities, but only the Culture School offers them for the very un-Scandinavian price of a mere $30 for the entire semester.

For parents, this is like trying to buy concert tickets to the most popular band in town.

So many parents are waiting to sign up on this one day that there is a countdown on the website until 8am. Once 8am arrives, you receive a place in line and wait.

So what is my place in line just 30 seconds after the opening?  Number 1449.

Looks like my kid is going to spend his year playing the kazoo.

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