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  • Coca-Cola Revives and Sustains

    I’m spending my morning looking for a list of Coke slogans on Wikipedia. No reason really, other than I got an old ad stuck in my head and started wondering […]

  • Job hunting made fast

    If you live in Stockholm and are a passionate cyclist… NOPE. Next. This is an ideal role to gain experience in the …. So little or no pay. NOPE. Next. […]

  • Hot Dr. Pepper

    Never really caught on. 

  • Rules of Swedish advertising¬†

    Here in Sweden, advertising rules are fairly strict. No advertising to children. No cigarette or alcoholic beverage ads on tv. And no false claims, such as “Dr.Pepper is the best […]

  • Commercials in another country

    Even though I’ve lived in Sweden for almost 17 years now, I still see many commercials through the eyes of an American laughing hysterically at weird “foreign” ads. But honestly, […]

  • Butt roll-on with fox scent

    I’ve been doing some translating work on beauty products this week and thought I would share with you how tricky it can be at times. This particular company has a […]

  • The best of false advertising

    Yesterday, I wrote about false advertising. Looking up the most famous examples took me down a wonderful rabbit hole of the worst offenders. It made me laugh, so I thought […]

  • K.F.C., ads and wallpaper paste

    Yesterday, I got into a heated discussion with my son about how it’s possible for KFC to have so many secret spices. My son insisted the commercial he saw in […]

  • The best ads are on AM Radio

    When’s the last time you listened to AM Radio in East Texas?¬† … Well that’s too long! Commercials on AM Radio are the funniest thing out there. In addition to […]