Tag: November

  • #70 You Must Have Vitamin D

    We discuss the dark month of November, the sjuarmade ljusstaken and Black Friday. Also, Diego discovers that grits are not a Thanksgiving food.

  • Plan B

    My co-worker received a phone call last week from a customer who could not get the product she wanted because it was sold out. “What will I do now?”  the […]

  • Advantages to grocery shopping in Sweden

    In the months of November through April, I don’t have to rush home with the ice cream.

  • Halloween

    This is a message for the Swedes – HALLOWEEN IS OCTOBER 31 !  IT IS ONLY ONE DAY AND IT IS ALWAYS OCTOBER 31. When I first moved here twelve […]

  • Cell phone conversations in public

    I found myself embellishing my cell phone conversation yesterday for the entertainment of my fellow subway passengers. My husband and I had a discussion about Halloween and my frustration with […]