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April 3!

My son said yesterday, “Hey, it’s officially spring, right?” And just because of that, we woke up to this today:...

#16 When Stairs Become Slides

Life in the Land of the Ice and Snow
Life in the Land of the Ice and Snow
#16 When Stairs Become Slides

This week I talk to Ola, from Poland, about dubbing shows in other languages, the difference in Polish names and...

#12 Sliding in on a Shrimp Sandwich

Life in the Land of the Ice and Snow
Life in the Land of the Ice and Snow
#12 Sliding in on a Shrimp Sandwich

Hana, from Singapore, talks about having to buy socks for the first time in Sweden, typical movie snacks in both...

It’s melting!

The snow is melting today and it’s just a big slush of muddy roads and giant slabs of ice falling...

It’s like riding a bicycle

I was talking to another parent in my son’s class about the weather being so snowy and icy outside that...

Prince hit by snowball

This headline was on CNN top stories. It was the only story I clicked on to read. However, it was...

Graveyard sledding

Our local paper has raised a question in our neighborhood; Should people be sledding in a graveyard? The initial picture...

Swedish problems

I like that I live in a country where this story has dominated the headlines the entire week. Someone drew...

image shows cars completely covered in snow

Environmentally concious?

People think Swedes walk a lot and use subways to be nice to the environment, but I think we know the real reason.

image shows small boy being terrified by an ugly snowman

Here you go.

Please enjoy my son being terrified by a giant snowman.

image shows snow grippers attached to bottom of boots

I’m a tap dancer!

Snow grippers are great until you get them caught between the ridges of an escalator.

Camels and snow

Well it snowed this weekend again.  Happy May from Stockholm.  In other news, there were camels in the field by...

May 1

Welcome May!  Weather prediction in Stockholm for the day – SNOW!