I’m a tap dancer!

Lately, Stockholm has been one giant sheet of ice. If you want some comedy, just look out any window and watch people slip, slide and try to keep their balance.

This is also the time of year I often see the largest number of people on crutches and wearing casts.

In order not to end up as one of those people, I dug out my snow-grippers to wear over my boots, much to my husband’s dismay. Every time I wrap these things around my boots, he’s embarassed to walk with me. In his words, “Only old people wear those.”

I used to argue about this, and almost had him on my side, until we stepped on an escalator and my gripper got caught between the ridges. Luckily, I was able to free myself, because my husband had already rushed away, pretending he didn’t know me.

He also doesn’t like the “click, click” sound they make when we go inside a building. I tell him to pretend he’s married to a tap dancer, but he’s just not having it.