The in-between days

The days between Christmas and New Year are what we call the “in-between” days.

“Are you working the in-between days?”

“Yes, because I don’t want to take vacation days.”

The good thing about working the days between Christmas is that NO ONE is around!  The subways are empty, the work building is empty.  In a building that normally holds over 1000 people, there are only around 6 of us here today.  This job is totally great without the customers.

Why can’t all work days be like this?  It’s like being at a spa (minus the champagne and hot tub).  However….  if I wanted a bottle of champagne, I could have one up here because it’s empty!  I’m not saying I’m doing that, but it’s nice to know that I could if I wanted to.

A friend and I once had an entire movie theater to ourselves when we were 13.  I have no idea what that movie was, but it was the greatest movie ever.  We did cartwheels up the aisles.  We changed seats every 5 minutes.  Sometimes we sat on top of the seats.  There is really something to be said for having a huge place all to yourself.

I feel like that now.  In fact, I think I’m going to do a few cartwheels down the hall on my way out.  Maybe some champagne would help me gain the dexterity I had at age 13.  I believe I saw some in the fridge.