The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single sneeze

I went to France last week expecting to bring back wine and cheese. Instead I came back with a chest cold and fever. 

The trip went fairly well, excepting the chest cold and attitude of teenagers. Note for next time: The French Riviera is wasted on the young.

I would fill this post with many lovely photos that you would normally see when someone takes a vacation, but I feel it might be more enjoyable to see some of the other photos on my camera roll. These are the photos that everyone has, but usually don’t bother to upload. Let me know if you can recognise similar situations from your family vacations:

Image shows a stranger walking down the street in a WuTang shirt.

Me to teenager: Can you take a photo of me in front of this cute shop?

Teenager: Ok! 

(But the man in back of me was funnier, so he took a photo of that guy instead.)

Me to teenager: Take a photo of me from the side so I look natural and not so posed.

Teenager: Ok!

image shows a disturbing closeup of the side of my head