The kindness of Swedes

One thing that’s nice about Stockholm is that when you lose something, about 95% of the people will put it somewhere in the hopes that you will find it. (Not like in Texas where someone sees a hat and immediately states, “Now this is my hat.”)

During the fall and winter, in Stockholm, you can find many gloves hanging from tree limbs.  When people find lost ones on the ground, they hang it on something eye level so that the person who lost it will hopefully see it when they walk that way again. In fact, I left a helmet outside in the park recently and forgot all about it until I needed it 6 days later.  I walked over to the park and there it was, hanging eye level on a fence.

I’ve seen scarves, stuffed animals and even shoes on tree limbs or fences (though you think one would notice a shoe missing immediately).  But last week I saw the best one ever.  A dinosaur on the fence outside my work.  Because even dinosaurs can get lost and need to get back to their homes… or caves…. or time machine.

glovetree IMG_8517_2