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How to make an Ewok

Step 1: Get very furry cat. Step 2: Make it reach for toy in the air. Step 3: Success!

image shows toy dinosaur standing on a fence

The kindness of Swedes

One thing that’s nice about Stockholm is that when you lose something, about 95% of the people will put it somewhere in the hopes that you will find it.


When did they change remote control batteries to “AAA”? How am I supposed to steal batteries for toys if the...


I saw a commercial for a “new” Nerf gun.  You know, the kind that shoots the foam darts?  You had...


When I was growing up, there was a new water toy called the Slip-N-Slide that you could set up in...

McDonald’s in Stockholm

What is the fascination with McDonald’s for children?  Growing up in the states, I always assumed it was because they...