The most popular game in Stockhkolm

As my son and I were running to catch the bus the other day, he started humming a tune.  The tune sounded a bit like a video game and I had a revelation.

Stockholmers (and anyone in a big city) would totally go crazy for a game where you have to catch the bus!  It’s just like a racing game with a clock.  You have obstacles (crossing street, slow lady on phone blocking sidewalk, construction, etc.).

You could even have later versions and add-ons.  Bus Catch Winter!  “Oh no! There’s too much snow for the buses to drive and the subways are too crowded!  You don’t have a car.  How do you get to work 30 minutes away?”

Copyrighted by me.  I’m telling you.  It could be a big hit!


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  1. humorworks

    It would be a big hit in India too, where I live. It’s like the drivers here are completely focused on keeping everyone in shape by making them run for miles before finally slowing down-never stopping-and letting them climb aboard.

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