This really irritates me

Someone posted this in a Facebook group yesterday. Here’s my problem with this every time I see it in a movie…

In most of these movie situations, the person is moving across the country, taking another job, or going back to someone else – otherwise there would be no last minute dash to stop someone from leaving forever. If they’re just on spring break to Florida, it can wait until Monday.

So now that we’ve established it’s a life-changing, never-come-back flight…  Can you imagine the time it took to pack up everything for the move? And what about the cost of hiring movers, plus extra luggage on the plane? To make it even simpler, what about the price of a plane ticket? You’re looking at $500-2000 depending on where you’re moving.

After you’re stopped from getting on the plane, can you imagine how much trouble you have to go through to remove your luggage, if it’s even possible when the plane is already boarding (as it always is during these scenes)? That means you need to go to the desk to file a luggage claim, which takes forever. Plus, if it was your decision not to board, there’s no refund for that. You’ll also have to pay the movers to bring everything back. Is this love-of-your-life going to chip in for costs? Unpack boxes? Or even wait in line with you to fill out forms at the luggage counter?

This is my problem with this type of scene. Thank you.

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