January 26, 2011

Voodoo bathroom

There are only 3 bathrooms at work for our floor of around 60 people so with all of the coffee drinking around here I am sometimes forced to use the second floor bathroom, or the Angry Voodoo Bathroom as I like to call it.

All other bathrooms in the building are fairly normal, but apparently there is a lot of friction on the second floor which is expressed with angry notes and symbols. Each bathroom has a paper taped behind the toilet complaining in big letters about people who don’t sit all the way on the toilet and leave a bit behind on the rim. I think it’s common sense to not pee all over the seat but it seems someone on the second floor had a bad experience.

The notes would be more annoying than disturbing if I hadn’t twice found a voodoo doll sitting on top of the paper towel dispenser. I have to say it’s very effective for keeping people out of your bathroom and making sure they keep it clean. Maybe they’re onto something down there.


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