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  • Fefferoni in Sweden

    #87 Bionic Shakira

    The expat hosts of the podcast talk about vaccines, Swedish problems and murder house shopping.

  • Episode #50 Red Wine and Gatorade

    On today’s episode of Life in the Land of the Ice and Snow, we catch up on winter break activities, new museums & new restaurants. Also, roller skis are weird. […]

  • #39 Fifty Dollars for 2 Boxes of Chex

    Sarah, from Wisconson, just wants a Target, good BBQ and affordable chocolate chips. Is that really too much to ask?

  • Podcast episode #38 Cinnamon Buns the Size of Your Head

    Welcome to the podcast for expats in Sweden! Today we chat with Nicole, from Massachusetts, about the terror of grocery shopping in another language, tricks for not having to speak, […]

  • #38 Cinnamon Buns the Size of Your Head

    Today we chat with Nicole, from Massachusetts, about the terror of grocery shopping in another language, tricks for not having to speak, recycling and Cinnamon Bun day!

  • New Year, New Arrival

    New year, new arrival! You wanted to hear from someone who just got to Sweden and here it is! Episode 8 of the podcast features Lauren, who just moved to […]

  • I need some air, take out an organ

    Always take a shower in the morning! You never know what the day will bring. Example, a lazy day last week turned into an overnight stay at the hospital and […]

  • Pickle juice craze

    I’m back from 3 weeks in the states with a confused stomach and many new food observations. Today is all about pickles. So pickle juice flavor is a thing in […]

  • Just because I SOUND like a caveman…

    This past weekend, I took a shortcut past a brand new tram stop that had not yet opened. A very confused looking woman asked me in Swedish when the next […]

  • I have a (5th grade) dream…

    I visited my 5th grade son’s school earlier this week and I noticed kids’ projects taped to the wall for their English lessons that said, “I Have a Dream” (they’re […]

  • My son encounters an Italian public toilet

    Plus, it’s the woman’s toilet.

  • Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity

    One thing I do not look forward to when I visit the U.S. is the ridiculous names that I’m expected to read off restaurant menus when I want something to […]

  • Happy St. Patrick’s day!

    This is the one day of the year my husband probably regrets marrying an American.  I’m not sure about other places, but our tradition has always been that if you […]

  • Vegetable Soup (Outerscope)

    Don’t worry.  I’m not letting myself off the hook with my week-long posts about the creepiest and worst kids’ t.v. shows ever.  I end this week with a clip from […]

  • Halloween is the 31st!

    As usual, I like to complain each year about Sweden not understanding that Halloween is one day, not a week or 2 weeks.  It also never falls in November. Most […]

  • Shopping – Sweden vs. U.S.

    An advantage to shopping in Sweden – you can wander around alone in a store all day and not one salesperson will bother you.  If you need help, they are […]

  • American Swim Halls

    After yesterdays post about my problem with Swedish swim halls, let me turn my attention to American swim halls. I forgot to mention yesterday that the shower area in Swedish […]

  • Stereotypical kids

    I just realized that this past weekend, my kids ate meatballs for lunch, danced to Abba and watched the Swedish chef on YouTube.  I never noticed just how Swedish they […]

  • Things I learned today

      1. Apple cider vinegar can turn your skin red 2. If you put an egg in your hair and rinse with warm water, it will cook. Conditioning hair and […]