We just want our food

Every foreigner I talk to in Sweden all say the same thing, “The thing I miss most is food.”  It never varies.  I’ve never heard anyone say they miss their friends and family.  It’s always the food.  Number one item.

Reasons for this:

1. You can’t email food.

2. You can’t talk to food on a telephone.

3. A man can’t live on herring and meatballs alone.

Christmas is a great time because that’s when my mom brings Beef Jerky from Texas.  The real stuff – not that rubber nonsense they try to pass off at truck stops.  My Swedish husband is also addicted to the good beef jerky as well.  In fact, I think he misses American food as much as I do.  We’ve made a mistake though and let our children taste the beef jerky.  Now it’s becoming a hidden treat, much like candy, that we can only eat after they go to bed.  But doesn’t everything taste better when you’re hiding it from someone else to keep more for yourself?