We put the ‘fun’ in ‘funeral’

As a Texan living in Sweden, I often find myself explaining the types of snacks that you can’t find here. At a dinner I attended recently, I found myself in the position of explaining s’mores, the classic campfire treat that’s a gooey mash-up of chocolate, marshmallow, and graham crackers. Explaining the magnificence of s’mores to a Swede can be quite the daunting task, especially when graham crackers – a key ingredient in this American treat – are nowhere to be found in Sweden. So, I thought it might be easier to find a photo of s’mores on the internet.

I found this lovely display of s’mores in the image search, but was very confused when I noticed the link was associated with a blog dedicated to funerals. Obviously, I had to explore further.

What I found was a blog post entitled, “17 Summer-Inspired Funeral Personalization Ideas Your Families Will Love”.

There is so much about this that is very, very wrong. However, I’m not entirely sure whether I find this extremely disturbing or funny. Maybe both.

So, while s’mores might seem like a sweet escape from the gloom of a funeral, I think they’re a recipe for disaster. Your hands will end up sticking to your nice clothes, and the gooey marshmallow will inevitably end up on your face. So, it’s not really the situation you want to be in while trying to mourn the departed.

Oh, wait. I just had a thought. What if it’s a cremation ceremony? Then the s’mores make perfect sense!