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  • We put the ‘fun’ in ‘funeral’

    I found this lovely display of s'mores in the image search, but was very confused when I noticed the link was associated with a blog dedicated to funerals.

  • Funeral potatoes

    This came up as a suggestion for recipes on my Pintrest. I really don’t think it’s going to catch on. Also, the word “funeral” should never be in the same […]

  • image shows a Swedish sandwich cake with shrimp and eggs

    It should be against the law….

    The Swedes know he rest of the world would never define this fusion of substances that were never meant to be served together as "cake.

  • Pallbearer

    Ad in the paper – “Do you need an extra job?  Come work for us as a part-time pallbearer.” I’m getting so desperate for a job that I considered this […]