Why journal prompts don’t work well for me

Today I thought I would look up some journal prompts to help me write more each day. Turns out, all prompts are one of three things:

1. List all the ways you suck and how you could improve.

2. Talk about your favourite food/pet/song so everyone can narrow down your password choices.

3. If your neighbourhood was taken over by zombies, how would you respond?

But I have a bit of a writing block today, so let’s give this a try with the most typical journaling questions from the internet:

What was the high point of your weekend? New Years Eve party at our place with friends. Good food, good company.

What was the low point of your weekend? Did not realize New Years party favors for kids made shrill, screeching whistles that I still hear in my nightmares.

What did you accomplish this weekend? Binge-watched a 10-episode show on Netflix that ended on a cliff hanger with a ton of questions. Today I learned it was not picked up for season 2.

How have you grown this year?

I wore high heels more often and fluffed up my hair a bit. “Grew” 2 cm taller.

image shows tape measure

What are the most important life lessons you have learned? Don’t eat expired food, don’t make eye contact with the crazy man on the subway, always floss.

What is the most exhilarating thing that has happened to you this year? It’s only day 2 of this year, so I’d say getting to trade a piece of boring chocolate candy for a piece of nice chocolate candy.

image shows a sad sandwich

What is one good thing about today?

Got an extra sandwich this morning because not that many people showed up for the Monday work breakfast.