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  • Why journal prompts don’t work well for me

    All journal prompts are one of three things: List the ways you suck, Name your favourite things so people can guess your password, and Zombies.

  • 2022

    Why have I forgotten to write anything in 2022? Find out!

  • #60 A Banana Box Full of Ceramic Frogs

    Our 4th Irish person named Patrick talks about Easter, writing and how to properly scavenge your apartment trash room.

  • #22 The Stockholm Writers Festival

    Catherine, the organizer of the Stockholm Writers Festival, talks to us about the upcoming festival, Valborg and Eurovision (yes, it’s soon!)

  • A passion for chainsaws

    These job ads get more specific every day. Today’s copywriting ad states that they would prefer an applicant who is really into chainsaws. If I come dressed as this guy, […]

  • I control you now, Sweden!

    This week, I speak for the entire country of Sweden. Sweden’s Twitter account has a new leader every week.  On their website, it states: Every week, someone in Sweden is […]

  • A magical word

    “förnämliga” That is the word I had to translate the other day (I work part-time translating documents from Swedish to English). As you see, it can have vastly different meanings.  […]

  • image shows cover of the book Life in the Land of the Ice and Snow

    Hey, I wrote a book, ya know.

    I wrote a little collection of essays about being a Texan living in Sweden.

  • Historical Journaling

    Two years ago, I got one of those 5 year journals where you have about 5 lines to write on the same page each year to compare what you did […]

  • I expect him to win the Pulitzer

    My 6 yr old son discovered fill-in-the-blank stories this morning.  He has really worked hard on the description in this story.  It’s as though he’s thought long and hard about […]

  • Sock trouble

    I remember in high school, I had a writing class where we got the lesson – “describe how to make a peanut butter sandwich.” Most people probably got a form […]