Wildlife seasons in Sweden

It is now the beginning of drunk moose season here in Sweden.  The first article appeared in the paper yesterday.  This time of year, the apples on the trees start to turn a bit rotten, which are overeaten by moose who then get completely wasted and tear up people’s yards  (much like the upcoming Popaganda festival taking place this weekend).

You can tell the passing of the seasons here by the articles in the paper.  They are the same every year. Let me explain:

Winter – What will happen when the snow melts?!  The town will be flooded!
Spring – Spring is coming this weekend! (repeat article from March to May while newspaper stand is covered in snow)

End of spring – Wolves will come into your neighborhood and eat your children!

Beginning of summer – You’ll all die of Lyme disease from the ticks!

Mid-summer – Apparently beaver attacks according to this year.

Beginning of fall – Drunk Moose