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  • What to wear, what to wear…

    I’m going to two “musical events” this week. One tonight and one tomorrow. Trying to figure out what to wear to each one. Hope I don’t get them confused. Tonight […]

  • Is Saturday Lederhosen day?

    People of Munich, Germany.  A question. Is Saturday Lederhosen day?  I only ask because about 40 percent of your population were wearing them last Saturday.  Here’s just a few I […]

  • image shows shirt with two skateboarders that have the faces of a lion and a tiger.

    Wild City Skaters

    I'm planning on buying several of these shirts for my ironic hipster boutique.

  • image shows snow grippers attached to bottom of boots

    I’m a tap dancer!

    Snow grippers are great until you get them caught between the ridges of an escalator.

  • Vintage

    I did some shopping at a “Vintage” store the other day. I found 3 things that I used to own.  That’s just not right. I’m not that old. These were […]

  • Fake Pockets

    So I go to put a Kleenex in the pocket of my new pants today only to realize that my pants are full of fake pockets!!!!  There wasn’t one real […]